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TRANS - SHINee Interview with ModelPress Japan

SHINee, "The leading trends" Secrets of the Shining Visual 

「MODELPRESS」Modelpress have been interviewed a Korean dance and vocal group SHINee. 5 young men who actively perform and has reached the world stage, is also known as the leading in terms of fashion, hair styling, make up and so on. Today, they will  tell us all about fashion and also their up coming concerts all over Japan.

Interviews were conducted on September 6th, at the backstage of Fashion Festival at Saitama Arena, entitled 「The 19th Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC) 2014 AUTUMN / WINTER. The event lasted about 7.5 hours with SHINee enlivened the event by performing their hits singles 「Everybody」, 「Replay- 君 は 僕 の Everything」, and for the first time performing their new song 「Downtown Baby」 which makes 30,000 audience in awe. 

How did you think about the show 「TGC」?

MINHO:  This is our first time performed in a show like this, but we're looked forward to it. It's fun and I think it would be a good experience of us.

KEY: For the first time we show a new song 「Downtown Baby」 in this event!

MINHO: This is a cheerful song, I think the audiences whom watch it for the first time were able to enjoy this song too.

「TGC」 is event for a stylish people, tell us fashion item(s) you have recently!

KEY: I bought a pair of trousers and a jacket, for this autumn-winter fashion I focused on patterned clothe's!

JONGHYUN: Lately I bought sneakers.

ONEW: Recently, I bought nothing but I want to (buy) watches.

TAEMIN: Ring! Catholic rosary ring.

MINHO: Bracelet.  I've already bought a silver bracelet but I bought rubber bracelets  that I can use to tie hair.

Your fashion references?

ONEW: Key!

Do other members also use Key as references?

JONGHYUN: NO! (laughs)

KEY: I think it's only Onew (laughs). Lately I have read reference from a magazine. Fashion is something that could be completed each other.

Did you share your clothes with other members?

KEY: At first yes, but now we're not doing that anymore, because we have different style.

TAEMIN: I secretly wear (other members clothes) in the dorm. (laughs).

KEY: Because of that, I don't keep my clothes in the dorm. (laughs)

To maintain a beautiful style, is there anything that should be considered in terms of diet, exercise etc?

JONGHYUN: Exercise to avoid obese, we must maintain an ideal weight.

KEY: I like eating, but lately I'm on a diet (laughs). I try not to eat at night time and eat protein during the day, I was trying hard now.

MINHO: Drink vegetable juice, and vitamin consumption.

TAEMIN: I also increase the consumption of vegetables and vitamins, for stamina I eat a lot of meat. Besides, I do regular muscle training and aerobic exercise (gymnastics).

ONEW: Drink plenty of water!

Who is the most enthusiastic member when doing skin care?

KEY: Because we often use heavy makeup, therefore I think it is important to clean the makeup, also drink lots of water.

Tour concerts all over  of Japan 「SHINee WORLD 2014 ~ I'M YOUR BOY ~」 will start soon, did you also keep your body shape?

MINHO: Yes! I do it (excercises) between our schedule

KEY: I want to eat delicious food in every city! If I eat delicious food I think my body will be better / healthier. (laughs).

TAEMIN: I also want to eat a lot of delicious food. In addition, I want  to enjoy the cultures (Japan).

How is your upcoming tour concept, can you tell us a bit?

MINHO: We are looking forward to this tour because we are able to visit some cities that we've never been there, but we're also preparing the stage / performance which will make us became closer to the fans. We hope that many fans will come!

Lastly, Please give advice to MODEL PRESS readers to catch their dreams

JONGHYUN: It's depending on how big your dream is. I think your efforts will be as big as your dreams.

KEY: When trying to catch your dreams, you need to continue dreaming, and you'll be able to make it real.

MINHO: Continuously strive to the death, it will give you good results.

TAEMIN: Whatever people say, believe in yourself and you need to be prepared to sacrifices something.

ONEW: The most important thing is to be confident!

Thank You!

To fans who were looking forward to our tour,

JONGHYUN: "Make sure you come!" 

ONEW: "Everyone, look forward to our concert!" 

Minoshineeina's translator team:

Translation might not 100% correctly, misspelling, grammar error. 

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SCAN - SHINee I'm Your Boy

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I'm Your Boy A version
I'm Your Boy B version

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