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SHINee World Indonesia - Limited Edition E-Money

SHINee World Indonesia - Limited Edition E-Card by Minhoshineeina

Hello, kami dari Minhoshineeina.

Untuk menyambut 7 tahun anniversary SHINee yang akan jatuh pada 25 Mei 2015 mendatang, Minhoshineeina sudah menyiapkan goods spesial untuk Shawol Indonesia. Kami menyiapkan sebuah e-money (Electronic money) berupa flazz card, atau kartu flazz yang mungkin sebagian besar Shawol sudah tahu kegunaannya. Kartu dengan design spesial ini akan kami rilis secara terbatas, berikut ini detail untuk kartu tersebut:

Flazz Card

  • Flazz Card ini dibuat dengan design yang khusus, jadi Shawol tidak akan menemukan Bank manapun merilis kartu ini. 
  • Kartu ini akan kami rilis dengan harga IDR 110k (belum termasuk ongkir), dengan detail IDR 100k untuk harga kartu, dan IDR 10k untuk disumbangkan sebagai bagian dari Charity Event untuk merayakan 7 tahun anniversary SHINee. 
  • Kartu sudah berisi saldo senilai IDR 20k
  • Kartu bisa di top-up (isi saldo) di merchant seperti Alfamart, Indomart, atau Gramedia. Minimal top-up berbeda disetiap merchant, bisa dengan cash atau ATM BCA.
  • Kartu bisa digunakan untuk transaksi (Selama kartu diisi saldo) Commuter Line (KRL), Trans Jakarta, atau digunakan sebagai uang electronic di mini market yang menerima Flazz BCA.
  • Kartu akan dikirimkan 1-2 minggu setelah order.
  • Untuk memesan kartu silahkan kirimkan email ke  Dengan format

  1. Subject: Order Flazz Card MSI
  2. Nama Lengkap:
  3. Alamat:
  4. Jumlah pesanan kartu:
  5. Akun Twitter

Charity Event

Minhoshineeina akan mengumpulkan IDR 10k untuk setiap pembelian kartu. Keseluruhan donasi ini akan kami sumbangkan ke panti asuhan (Tempat belum ditentukan) dan disumbangkan atas nama SHINee. Ini merupakan salah satu bagian dari 7 anniversary SHINee "7 Years Down, Forever to Go".

Contact Person: SMS/Whatsap only

Mia: 0888-0112-0074


  • Kartu ini BUKAN kartu membership SHINee World Indonesia
  • Q&A silahkan buka link 
  • Nomor ID disesuikan dengan bias misal: Minho 1991120900001 - Taemin 1993071800001
  • Minhoshineeina tidak melakukan kerja sama dengan pihak manapun, jadi selama kami tidak mengumumkan secara resmi melalui Twitter atau akun resmi Minhoshineeina lainnya, jangan mudah percaya ya.

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SHINee cried on Tokyo Dome 'breathtaking' concert

SHINee, crying out loud for their first Tokyo Dome - solo concert that mobilized 100.000 people

【Model Press】 
5 members of Korean boy group SHINee, on March 14 and 15, held their first Tokyo Dome solo concert [SHINee WORLD 2014~I’m Your Boy~ Special Edition in TOKYO DOME].

SHINee who mobilized 100,000 people at [SHINee WORLD 2014~I’m Your Boy~ Special Edition in TOKYO DOME] 【Model Press】

It’s been 4 years since their Japan debut in 2011, all of the members successfully performed in total of 32 songs at the Tokyo Dome stage they were dreaming of. At their encore song LOVE that accompanied by orchestra, with a reversed surprised, the fans made a lovely sentence of "WE LOVE SHINee" that showing up in the auditorium. Key and Jonghyun were the first member that overcome with emotion and cried. Lastly all 5 members hugged as one and share their deep emotion of the moment.

LIVE REPORT】 Culmination of their 4 years Japan debut, a breathtaking performance

Tokyo Dome filled with lights by 50,000 people
In the span of two and half months since September last year, SHINee has been hold their 3rd nation wide tour [SHINee WORLD 2014~I’m Your Boy~] to carry their 3rd Japan Original Album [I’m Your Boy].

Among the flag corps surround the stage, 5 men dressed in pure white costume appeared on the center of the stage. While held up their index finger to the top and after they shouted “TOKYO DOME!”, 50.000 people’s cheers was burst. The concert opened by their powerful performance of Everybody, at the 2nd song Lucifer, the member’s face was already full of sweat as they performed to their best. “This Tokyo Dome is not just wide, right,” KEY started to speak, “Since SHINee’s debut, it’s always been our target, this five men here are REAL! SHINee is standing on this STAGE!” he said with joyful voice, followed by 5 of them shouting “WE MADE IT!” with smile plastered on their faces.

“It’s been 4 years since our debut, there’s really a lot of things (happened), right? Today we will do the the stage we dreamed of in 4 years,” 
said ONEW the leader. In the next song Replay~君は僕のeverything~ it was a special song that adorned for their Korean and Japan debut, so that’s why there’s video and synchronized production of this song has been made. They seemed or reminded us of innocent young boy. But in the next song Bounce they show off their sexy charm with the female dancers. At their ballad part start from 1000年、ずっとそばにいて, the wristband-type penlight that has been prepared for the dome concert shines in seven colors linked with the singing voice, pulled out a sense of unity of 50.000 people (fans). The soothing atmosphere was completely changed to be a dance hall as KEY acted as the DJ. “TOKYO DOME! Let’s get more and more excited!” as he boost the cue, a collaboration stage with apparel brand ‘PHILIPP PLEIN’ was start. Fashion magazine ViVi’s popular model called Emma exclusively walked the runaway as the song AMIGO was playing. It expressed to the world of SHINee's-uniqueness that lead the trend. The next is 5 members’ solo stage that exploded by each personality. JONGHYUN showed his stylish charm with Deja-Boo; ONEW, accompanied by TAEMIN on Piano, enthusiastically sang Tokunaga Hideaki’s [Rainy Blue] in tears; KEY showed off his provocative look with an unpublished original song Born to Shine; MINHO danced energetically to Kerakera’s [KERAKERA JANKEN]; and TAEMIN revealed his trained body for DANGER, made the fans’ cheers full of screams and shrieks.

The second half of the concert immediately change to exciting party tune. In Perfect 10 they go around the venue riding on a tram; as there were some local’s characters all over Japan, like Gunma-chan (Gunma Perfecture) and Asappi (Asahikawa), liven up the venue. 
As members’ tension was also rise to the climax, ONEW sang “Minna no hyoujou ya kokoro ga... attakaindakara ”(because everyone’s facial expression and heart... are warm) imitating a joke from a comedy duo Kumamushi. The 5 members who dressed in a tight suits, appealed their elegant adult charm with Your Number which just released on 11th. Continued with JULIETTE, Ring Ding Dong with so many dancers on the stage, and ended it with the original version of Downtown Baby with full smile on their faces.

There’s a bunch of characters too

Attracting [Your Number] with manly suits
For encore as a response of “SHINee” call and lights wave (by fans), they performed 5 songs more from a happy song Sunny Day Hero, splendid stand microphone’s performance of Dream Girl and other songs. As they approach the climax touching feels with LOVE that led by an orchestra, they speak out all of their thoughts; 
ONEW “Thanks to all of you, it was really fun. Please be careful on your way home, and eat a lot of food”; 
JONGHYUN “the penlight was really pretty. Thank you very much everyone”; 
TAEMIN “Because we will still work hard for our next stage, you will still with us until the end of end, right?”; 
MINHO ”Finally our dream came true today. After this, we able to have a new dream. We always want to be together with all of you”; 
KEY “Honestly, while preparing this concert there was also concern like ‘are we really deserved to be able standing here?’, many people came to this concert like this, thank you so much for loving us. We are always grateful (of this), please watch over and support for SHINee more from now”. 
At the very last with a perfectly sync voice of “We’re shining SHINee!”, the ended their breathtaking performance. (Model Press Editorial Department)

singing [LOVE] enthusiastically accompanied by orchestra

■SHINee WORLD 2014~I’m Your Boy~ Special Edition in TOKYO DOME
Tokyo Dome, March 14 (Sat) & 15th (Sun)
1. Everybody
2. Lucifer
3. Burning Up!
4. Sherlock
5. Replay~君は僕のeverything~
6. Bounce
7. Hitchhiking
8. Evil
9. Picasso
10. 1000年、ずっとそばにいて...
12. Colors of the season
13. Fire
~Collaboration Stage with DJ KEY~
14. Deja-Boo (JONGHYUN)
15. Rainy Blue (ONEW feat.TAEMIN(piano))
16. Born to shine (KEY)
17. Dance~ ケラケラじゃんけん (MINHO)
18. Danger (TAEMIN)
19. Perfect 10
21. Bodyguard
22. Boys Meet U
23. Your Number
24. Breaking News
26. Ring Ding Dong
27. Downtown Baby

1. Sunny Day Hero
2. Dream Girl
3. 3 2 1
4. Dazzling Girl

SHINee WORLD 2014~I’m Your Boy~ Special Edition in TOKYO DOME

Source: Modelpress Japan

Translator: Mingsta91
Website uploader: Mia2209


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Minho - Konkuk University

150302 Minho at Konkuk University, welcoming freshman ceremony

Credit: Taged
Compiled by: Minhoshineeina


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MINHO - Hanstar Celebrity Basketball Festival





Credit: TAGED
Compiled by: Minhoshineeina

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SCAN - The Saem photo group - SHINee

The Saem - SHINee photocard group

Credit: 山泥村金鐘範
Compiled by: Minhoshineeina
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